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  • My typical children’s magic show usually last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. It is filled with high energy music from beginning to end and uses some magic props along the way. My music comes from a very professional set-up. I use an I-pod in my show with a large 15 inch speaker on a large speaker pole. This enables the entire audience to hear and enjoy my show. As for my props, they are disinfected every weekend and are in very good shape, in almost new condition.
  • My show is formatted for family audiences. The humor is more for the kids watching the show. I tend not to use adult humor that goes over the children’s heads and directly to the adults. The adults enjoy the show because they enjoy watching their children enjoy the show. All too often, I see other magicians trying to hard to entertain the adults leaving the children bored and made fun of. This is not my style. The show is more geared towards the kids.
  • Currently I do not use any live animals in my show. Once in a while I introduce “Jack”, He is my ghost. No bunnies, no birds……just “Jack”. The kids love him! In my show I incorporate some sleight of hand, some small illusions, and a whole lot of “How did he do that?
    Although the show is geared for the children, make no mistake about it, the adults will get fooled too.
  • My show is for the entire audience to enjoy, but my show is primarily formatted for children between the ages of 3 through 9. At this age, the children still enjoy a magic show. They enjoy the silliness, the props and being the assistant to the magician in the spotlight. Children aged 3 through 5 really enjoy silly repetition. They simply can not get enough of it. Children at this age can not really appreciate sleight of hand. They enjoy very visual magic; anything that visibly changes or disappears is amazing to them. Children aged 6 through 9 really enjoy participating, as the magician’s assistant. At this age they really enjoy the attention. Statements like “I know this trick” are often heard. Children at this age just want the attention and my show provides just that!
  • It does become more difficult to fool children as they get older, especially if they are between the ages of 10 through 15, otherwise referred to in the magic community as the “tweens”. They become quite inquisitive and just want to catch you. For this reason extreme sleight of hand is needed. Children at this age have no problem pointing out “the move” or stating “I seen what you did”. This is why I save the close-up magic also known as strolling magic for this age group as I entertain the adults at the tables or while strolling the room.
  • I have formatted my show through my years of experience to include true entertainment for everyone. This is one reason why I have a two (2) hour minimum when a client books my show. The guest at your affair will talk about how great the kid’s show was but also how they liked the idea of “the magician” doing some magic that was right in front of their eyes. It is also showcases the true talent of myself as a professional magician and not does give the notion of “well anyone can do that “referring to the kids show”. It is what separates “ JOHN RYAN” from the rest of the magicians you could possibly hire. It is also good to keep in mind “YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”, TRUST ME.
  • If you are reading this and have never seen my show please listen to the live testimonials of the actual people whom I performed for in the past. You will not be disappointed! Call now for your affair. Dates go very quick!!!!!!!!!!
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