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  • It was at the age of nine that John was first introduced to the world of magic. Too young to stay home alone, he would often accompany his mother at her job waiting tables after being dismissed from school. Most days he would find a table at the rear of the restaurant and entertain himself doodling on the back of paper place settings. Amusing enough, at least until the day a friend of his mother’s, a magician, arrived. “He introduced himself and showed me a coin trick, one in which a quarter seemed to magically travel through thin air to join its mate in the opposite hand, a very cool slight of hand – especially to a nine-year old,” remembers John.
  • Eventually the friendly magician moved on, but not before he left the secret to the trick in John’s ear, and a passion for magic in his blood. The budding magician practiced and practiced till soon he was performing the trick for the restaurant’s customers. Soon this one-trick pony was cleaning up, betting the customers their fifty cents that they wouldn’t know which side of the coin, heads or tails, was facing up when John would remove his hands. “I made $13 that day!” John laughs, remembering his inaugural performance.
  • One of the lucky ones, John Ryan has turned his passion into a successful small business. His mastery of the magical arts, along with having the personality of a true extrovert, makes him a natural entertainer. If his audiences seem to be in awe of his performance, it is no illusion. He takes very seriously bringing the world of magic to the world of the everyday, leaving kids and grownups alike wondering how the heck he did that. A lead Master of Ceremonies at many entertainment companies, John has been entertaining all of his life.
    John is also available for private parties. Whether you are planning a kids party where your child can shine as a magician’s assistant, or a more grownup event where a strolling magician can bring an air of the extraordinary to the evening, why not book an appointment now.
  • John splits his time as a magician with his duties as a police officer, so when he tells you that “You have the right to pick a card”, you might want to listen.
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